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!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: The skirt of the dress does have some clipping when crossing your legs on the thighs; this is unavoidable with how long and form-fitting the dress is. If this bothers you please do not purchase this model.

- 3.0


- PC Full & Green/Good Optimized Versions (NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE)

- DPS (REQUIRES Poiyomi Pro)

- Uses Poiyomi Version 8.0/7.3.050 (please use version provided, or newer)

- Fullbody compatible

- Physbones in Hair, Breasts, Butt, Earrings, Necklaces, Ears, Tail, Wreath Boa, Ankle Chain and Follower Ears & Tail

- Audiolink Reactive

- Twist Joints in entire body

- Custom gestures & expressions

- Toggles:

  • 5 Skintones Shift
  • 5 Haircolors Shift
  • Hue Shift for Hair & Eyes
  • Icy Color Swap
  • Hairstyles: Messy Bun & Long
  • Shoe Toggles: Heels, Boots & Barefoot
  • Clothing Toggles: Boa, Dress, Pantsuit w/ Longsleeve, Pantsuit w/ Bodysuit, Bodysuit, Lingerie and NSFW Nude
  • Accessory Toggles:
  • RGB Mode for Christmas Lights & Reindeer Nose
  • Audiolink Reactive Christmas lights, Reindeer Nose, Tattoos and Gemstones toggleable
  • Snowflake Tattoos Toggleable
  • Reindeer Pom Pup Follower
  • Mistletoe w/ World Drop
  • Hand & Feet Trails, Idle Snow Particles, Idle Cold Breath Particles, and Snowflake on Tongue all Toggleable
  • 8 DPS Orifices as well as Snow Dildo w/ Radial Scale & World Drop
  • Green Opti Version has toggles for Kitty/Human Ears, Shoes, Tattoos, Audiolink, Icy Color Swap, 5 skintones shift, 5 haircolors shift and Hue Shift for Eyes & Hair


- This package comes with versions of poiyomi shader & vrcsdk that you need; please only use these versions or newer
(DPS version requires Poi Pro & Raliv DPS which is not provided)
- Do not give out this package or any of its contents
- Do not upload any of this packages contents as public
- Do not give to your friend to upload/edit/etc for you without my PERMISSION FIRST (if you need help with uploads please dm me!)
- Do not upload the contents of this avatar to any other account other than the one provided at purchase
- You are allowed to use this model for content (youtube, tiktok, twitch etc) WITH CREDIT ONLY
- Do not resell the contents of this package
- Do not take parts off of my model and reuse them on other models, personal or commercial, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION FIRST
**You must also purchase the original asset if it is made by another creator
- You are welcome to do any/all edits to the model, please do! I would love to see pics of your edits!! Join our server and show me pics:



Do not redistribute or share the files included in this package. You must purchase the assets from the original creator(s) in order to use them for other personal/commercial models. DO NOT USE MY EDITED VERSIONS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION FIRST.



Poiyomi Shader:

Fur Shader:

Dynamic Penetration System:

PLEASE do not purchase my models if you have no basic understanding of how to use unity and uploading models. If you need assistance with uploads, please see the instructional text file included with the package, or you can DM me on discord: PastelPlushies#2961

This item is non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM me on discord (PastelPlushies#2961) or email me (

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46 | 8
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