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3D Models & Assets Please have at least basic understanding of unity before purchasing! Each model comes with an instructional txt file. If you need further assistance, feel free to DM on discord: PastelPlushies#2961 Rain was kind enough to give me a corner in their discord server, you can see my updates and WIPs here: Purchases are Non-Refundable. Currently only accepting card payment through Gumroad.


Black Friday Sale!

Quest File Updates! (includes ALL quest avis in my shop)

Green Opti Models UPDATED

Trick & Treat Christmas Versions FREE UPDATE!

Updates for Helix, Enchant, Beguile & Brilliance

Hysteria Files Updated!

6 Giveaways for Halloween Models in Discord Server!

Important Notice!

Pride Month Sale & Model Removal!

Physbones and Model Clearout

Important Updates!

Final Call for Older Models!

Black Friday Sale & Older Models Price Reduction